Hello, I'm Sarah.

I am a free spirit, a lover of nature, a lover of life, and a lover of love. I live a peaceful life in my humble home with my two children, my dog, and my fish.

It is my heartfelt mission to inspire and guide others to dis-cover peace and joy within themselves and live a vibrant life beyond their greatest dreams.

My Journey


I have always been a positive person, but have struggled at times with self-worth and a racing mind of not enoughness; always thinking there is more; there is more to do, there is more to learn, and there is more to life. It wasn’t enough that I had a degree in health studies and multiple certifications to follow. I had a feeling in my heart that there was something beyond all this. And I was right. There was something much deeper and it wasn’t long until I dis-covered it.  And then it happened; everything was enough, I was enough, I am enough, the long to-do lists and certain goals were no longer of importance, and there was nothing else I needed outside of myself to feel enough. Everything unfolded beautifully when I slowed down, quieted my mind and dis-covered the meaning of life; when I remembered my truth, the truth of who I am, the truth of who we all are; when I stilled my mind and dis-covered all the answers within me.


I have been a seeker of peace and well-being since I can remember; often following guidance and advice from formal teachings, courses, hundreds of books, articles, writings, etc.; as most in this world do, search outside themselves for answers. Through my journey, I have learned that health and well-being is much more than just eating well and exercising. It is about going within, taking time for stillness, and accessing our inner truth and guidance within. It is about taking time for creativity, and doing all the things that bring more joy, fun, and laughter into our lives; which is different for each individual. It is about growing together, teaching and learning with each other on this beautiful path of life that we are all walking together. And through this learning, I have become enlightened to the true meaning of life.


My awakening to the meaning of life, and to peace and love came shortly after a few major turn of events, which included much grief, much guilt, and much emotional suffering. Confusing desire for love and looking outside of myself for answers, for acceptance, for peace, for love, I was gently guided to ‘A Course in Miracles’ which undid everything I thought I knew about life, health, and love. And with this undoing, and dis-covering my own innate inner wisdom within, came peace, love, and a still mind; absent of conflicting chatter and thoughts of not enoughness.


No longer reaching for another course, another book, another workshop, another class, another formal teaching, or another certification to find answers and to find peace; rather I now follow what makes my heart sing with joy and am now gently guided by my loving teacher within. I am free from emotional and physical suffering, shame, guilt, grief, fear, and societal pressures which consumed me at times. And I am free to live my life the way it is meant to be; filled with joy, happiness, peace, and love.


I made a decision to take all the pieces of my life that I felt had crumbled around me and build them into a masterpiece…which continues to unfold beautifully. This masterpiece to me doesn’t mean a big fancy house, a brand new vehicle, or millions of dollars. It means a simple life…a place I can call home with my kids, a career I love, and doing more of what makes ‘Sarah’ happy.


I don’t regret any of my life experience, as it has been beyond amazing for me and has brought me to this point in life right now. And I am so incredibly grateful for it and everyone and everything in my life, including all that of my past. I continue to embrace life's challenges with ease and grace, learn from them, and grow from every experience I encounter.


We are all in this life together. Day by day, one step at a time, we can all heal. There is a place in all of us where there is perfect peace, perfect joy, and perfect happiness.

The life of your dreams is within you and well within reach.