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All Lessons in Life Are Miracles

Miracles are all around us

All lessons in life are miracles offered to us to learn from and to grow from so we can expand into the greatest version of ourselves. It is our choice to learn and grow from these lessons or to remain in a place that is no longer aligned with us; filled with regret, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, etc.

We can choose to dwell on the pain and suffering and hurtful thoughts we keep replaying or we can choose to grow and expand through life lessons.

Every lesson is a miracle; every lesson in life, every lesson in love, every lesson in relationships, every lesson in parenting. Every lesson is a chance for us to grow and evolve into a greater grander version of ourselves.

There is something to be learned in every situation. That so called “bad” situation or situations which we endured. That situation has the opportunity to be one of the greatest awakening moments of your life if you so choose to see it this way. No one is on our path to hurt us. They are only there for our growth and expansion through whatever form or situation this may be. Learn the lesson in these situations and never experience it again.

Choose the miracle in the lesson, not the pain. For the only thing that can hurt you now is your thoughts and your unforgiveness.

Choose the miracle.
Awaken to your truth.
Awaken the greatest version of yourself.
Awaken to a life of love, beauty, and understanding.

Dis-cover the miracle in every situation. Dis-cover the miracle in every person, place, and thing. For miracles are all around us if we so choose to see them.

Much love and miracles now and always,
Sarah 💖