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Answer the Call of Life

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Follow Your Heart

Life is calling. Do you hear it? Or are you too busy answering the calls of the world? Emails and texts, unending to-do lists, unfulfilling jobs and work, boring routines, rushing from here to there and everywhere, doing things you do not enjoy doing. Are you holding on to resentments or regrets, holding on to the past, holding on to fantasies and projections of the future? Do you feel bound by time, yet never feel there is enough; never feel there is enough time to do what you truly want to do and that which your heart calls you to do? We have all drown in this way of life at some point. And for many it still lingers, but need not be.

Pause. Breathe. Be still for a moment and listen. For the endless joy of life is calling and awaits your answer. Answer the call of life. Answer the call of your soul. What is it saying?

Slow down. Stop the hustle. Stop conforming to the rules of society. Stop listening to the noise outside of yourself in all its endless ways and forms. Listen to your own inner wisdom and guidance. It differs for all. For all have a unique role and way of life. Listen to your heart. Do more of what you truly love; for this is the calling of your Soul, the call of life. That which is heard in stillness and in connection to your truest and grandest Self. Following the guidance and wisdom of your heart will never lead you astray. It will only bring you more joy, fun, love, and laughter.

Breathe. Be still. Be present in the here and now.
Hear the voice of your heart and soul.
Listen to its wisdom and guidance.
And answer the call of life.
For the endless joy of life awaits.

Follow the guidance of your heart.
Live a joyous life.
Live Your joyous life.

Much love now and always,
Sarah 💖


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