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Expressing Your Truth Will Never Hurt You

Expressing your truth will never hurt you, yet holding back may haunt you

Expressing your truth will never hurt you, yet the thoughts of holding back will haunt you; and will likely haunt you until you express your truth, express your feelings, express your desires, and do all that which makes your heart sing; for there aren’t many feelings worse than regret. While on the other hand, there aren’t many better feelings than living in alignment with your truth.

When you follow your heart and express your true feelings, this can never be wrong. It will either foster deeper experiences and relationships or direct you to new deeper experiences and relationships. Either way, it’s a win and no regrets are left to dwell upon.

Why do we hold back?
We hold back because of fear; fear someone won’t agree with us, fear someone won’t love us back, fear of judgement, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, and deep down maybe even fear of love itself.

Yet all we really need to do is release our fears, release our fantasized outcome, have faith, trust, trust in ourselves, trust in our inner guidance, trust in our truth, trust in love, and trust that all will work out for the greatest good of all; for the outcome, one way or another, will always work out for the greatest good of all.

Speak your truth.
Shine your light.
Never hold back.
Live without regrets.
Live without fear.
Live your truth.
Live a beautiful life beyond your greatest most magnificent dreams.

Never hold back, as when we hold back, it affects everyone, not just our self; for our resistance is often felt by those around us.  But when we shine, when we speak our truth from a place of love, it also affects everyone. We light up, we glow, and our light becomes contagious, lighting a path for others to follow in their truth, speaking their truth and living their truth.

The best thing you can do is always be true to you. Expressing your truth from a place of love will always lead you to deeper experiences, greater love, and a life beyond your greatest imagination.

Much love and beautiful experiences always,
Sarah 💖