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Life is Fully Lived in the Moments That Breathe Life Into Us


Life is fully lived in the moments that breathe life into us; the moments that create a sense of aliveness inside; the ahhhhhhh feeling we all know and love; the deep inhale and exhale of love and peace; the ahhhhhhh when we look at the sunrise or the sunset, when we look up at a rainbow, when we are surrounded by nature, when we hug and hold our loved ones, when we feel at peace in the moment, and when we are in a state of pure presence witnessing the beauty which surrounds us in whatever form it takes, breathing life into us with every breath we take. Ahhhhhhh these are the moments we live for. These moments are the breath of life. The moments that give us life, the moments that lighten up our lives, the moments which make us feel alive inside; alive with joy, happiness, peace, and unconditional love. The moments that make us say “Life is truly beautiful.”

Always move in the direction that makes you feel alive; the direction that breathes life into you, gives you happy chills, feels light, and puts a smile on your beautiful face. Choose to see the beauty in all you do and fill your entire being with the breath of life; the breath of life which is love in its unconditional state.

Much love and beautiful life-giving moments always,
Sarah 💖