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Little By Little, A Little Becomes A Lot


The only thing that makes a goal impossible to achieve is not taking aligned action steps towards it. Step by step you can do anything. Small steps create lasting results. Oftentimes we are overly focused on the end result we are after with our goals. We want to be there fast, with a snap of our fingers if we could. While some goals are achieved with lighting speed, others often take time and take many steps to get there. While the anticipation of achieving our goal may motivate us, the true achievement comes with our journey along the way. Life is about enjoying this journey, honouring and celebrating each small step; for each small step is a WIN.

  • Walking around the block is a WIN
  • Running for 5 minutes is a WIN
  • 1 day sober is a WIN
  • 1 pound lost is a WIN
  • 1 page written in your book is a WIN
  • 1 page read in a good book is a WIN
  • 1 more positive thought is a WIN
  • 1 act of forgiveness is a WIN
  • 2 minutes of meditation is a WIN
  • 1 minute of stillness in your mind is a WIN
  • 1 moment of Self-realization is a WIN
  • 1 step taken is a WIN

All these and more are WINS that compile with time. And you’ll soon look back and be forever grateful for the first step you took and for the many that followed along the path to achieving your greatest desires in life.

Celebrating all your WINS with you now and always,
Sarah 💖

And on this 21st day of September 2022, I'm celebrating this first blog post; which is the first of many to follow.
Thank you for reading. 😊