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Presence is the Best Present

Presence is the Best Present

Christmas is much more than a time for giving and receiving material gifts.
It is a time for togetherness.
It is a time to play.
It is a time for fun and laughter.
It is a time for Love; to love and be loved.
And it is a time to enjoy all the magic and the miracles the season brings with it.

People don't always remember the things you buy them for Christmas, but they most always remember how they felt in your presence. Same goes for birthdays and all days.

Presence truly is the best present for yourself and all those around you. While giving and receiving material gifts can still be fun, nothing is better than being in the moment enjoying quality time with loved ones; enjoying fun, laughter, hugs, and togetherness.

There is much power and love in being present.
Presence fosters peace.
Presence fosters connection.
Presence fosters togetherness.
Presence fosters joy and happiness.
Presence fosters laughter.
Presence fosters Love.
And presence has no cost. It can freely be shared as the air we breathe.

Slow down, breathe, put your phone away, put all non-important tasks away, put your to-do lists away, put your non-essential to buy lists away, and enjoy the beauty of the present moment in all you do and with all those you love. Give the gift of presence this Christmas season and always; and enjoy all the beauty and joy that comes with it. It will be the greatest present you give and the greatest present you receive.

Wishing you much love, presence, and miracles this Christmas season and always,
Sarah 💖