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Stop the Hustle

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In the joyful presence of the moment, inspiration flows like the most beautiful waters of this earth.

Slow down.
Slow down in all you do.
Relax your shoulders.
Slow down your breath.
And just BE.
Be here in this very moment.

I love this quote from Sara Landon and The Council, “In all the doing, doing, doing, there is always more to be done.” Our to-do lists are never quite done, as when we check off one, we seem to add a never ending list of more. Yet, when we slow down, things get done much faster, with higher quality, and with little to no burnout. Seems contradictory doesn’t it, “things get done faster when we slow down.” Yet, there is much truth to it. When we slow down and when we quiet our minds, we enter a state of presence; and in this presence there is a voice of truth guiding us and supporting us in all we do. The need to do more, more, more, becomes the need to do less, less, less, and the need to do more of only what really matters and what brings the most joy to our lives, which in turn brings more joy to all those around us.

A song that once described me years prior was, “I’m in a Hurry (And Don't Know Why),” by Alabama. “I’m in a hurry to get things done. I rush and rush until life’s no fun…” Yes, I still had fun in life, but not near to the extent I do now. I see beauty in everything; things I didn’t really know existed before. I live in Saskatchewan, which we call, “The Land of the Living Skies.” It’s in the prairie provinces of Canada. Our land is very flat and we can see the sky for miles. We can see the sky dance with all its glorious colours and clouds and sunsets and sunrises. The thing is, I never really noticed the full beauty of our skies, our land, and glorious sunsets until I slowed down. And now, in every moment, I witness beauty and love in everything and everyone.

And while the song says, “I’m in a hurry and don’t know why,” I do know why. The why was conditioned into me over the years, as it has been for many others. I’ve had many teachers and mentors over the years, in life and in business. And many tout to take massive determined action and have adopted the hustle mentality themselves. I got wrapped up in this for a while (thankfully not long), because I realized it was taking me away from the joy of the journey; the journey which I enjoy much better savouring every beautiful moment within it. I noticed I was following their guidance, not my own, and in this I was not fulfilled; not fulfilled because I was not in alignment with my own inner guidance and truth. This inner guidance which I hear when I slow down and am present to listen to. And in this presence, inspiration flows like the most beautiful waters of this earth, with ease and with grace and no rushing pace. I no longer live from or create from a place of hustle and lack, or the more, more, more mentality, but rather from a place of pure inspiration, knowing this is enough, all is well and forever will be.

It is my hopes that the mentors which I previously followed and observed living in states of stress and fear and more, more, more, find their way to less, less, less; less doing and more enjoying what really matters in life; peace, love, connection, joy, happiness, and freedom. Yes, they enjoyed some of this, but not to the extent which I desired and knew possible. And because of my strong desire for truth and the above mentioned (peace, love, connection, joy, happiness, and freedom), I attracted mentors, teachers, and friends of the like who embody and live these states of mind as well; mentors and friends who support me on my journey, and I on theirs.

In the slowing down and living in alignment with my truth, the connections, guidance, and words of wisdom became more profound; I had and have more to create, more to share, and more to give from a place of truth and love. And as mentioned above, in the joyful presence of the moment, inspiration flows like the most beautiful waters of this earth.

I surrendered to presence and presence has given me presents galore. Gifts of peace, joy, happiness, truth, fulfillment, beauty in all I see, miracles abound, and much much love; all of which keep expanding from within and reflecting in my outer world.

Much love and presence now and always,
Sarah 💖