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The Function of Life

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Live Love Laugh

You have a function here on earth.
This function is to love and be loved.
It is to be happy and joyful.
It is to have fun.
It is to remember your truth, and fully grow into and expand the greatest version of yourself.
It is to love all creation and give thanks to all that is.
Your function is to forgive and to live.
Your function is to live, to laugh, and to love unconditionally with ease and grace.

Your function is not to worry, not to judge, not to be fearful, doubtful, resentful, sad, or angry. Your function is not to compare yourself to others. It is not to scroll endlessly on social media or the internet, unless of course you absolutely love doing this. Your function is not to keep buying things you do not need. Your function is not to sit around all day doing things that don’t light you up and bring you joy. Your function is to do all the things that light you up and bring you joy.

Your function is not to dwell on the past. Your function is not to beat yourself up about the past, not to dwell over should haves or could haves. Your function is to release the pains of the past and love yourself in this moment knowing that the contrast of your past escalated much growth and expansion for the greatest good of all.

Your function is not to fantasize endlessly about the future. Your function is not to make long to-do lists of all the ‘shoulds’ which you think you have to do, unless of course these shoulds are ‘musts’ that bring you great joy. Your function is to release the long to-do’s knowing all which is meant to get done will get done with perfect timing for the greatest good of all. Your function is to enjoy this moment and all the wonderful moments of life.

Your function is not to worry about money or to fight for it. Your function is to know there is an abundance of wealth and love for everyone that flows just as easily as the air you breathe.

Your function is to release resistance, go with the flow, and let the flow come to you with ease and grace in all you do.

Your function is not to worry about the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or the way you style your hair.

Your function is not to worry what others think or say or do, but rather to always be true to you.

Your function is to explore, explore all the glorious wonders of this world. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel the world, although this would be much fun as well, it merely means to explore all the beauty and the wonder that already surrounds you; within you, in your loved ones, in your home, your neighbourhood, your town, city, country, etc. There are many miracles to be dis-covered in this very moment.

Your function is to be here in this very moment doing all that lights you up, doing all that fills you with joy, happiness, love, and laughter. Your function is to set the intention for life to that of love, happiness, and joy and then to go with the flow, live with ease, not dis-ease.

Your function is to forgive.
Your function is to live.
Live with peace.
Live with joy.
Live with ease.
Live with freedom.
Live with love.

For in living with all the above, there is no dying. For there is no dis-ease, there is no fear, and there is no pain or suffering. There is no dying, because there is only living; doing what you love and loving what you do. And by doing what you love, what brings you peace, joy, and meaning, your function and your gifts are automatically shared with the world, so that others too shall experience the same.

There is only love, an eternal life of Love.
This eternal life of Love which is your function to give and to receive with ease and grace.

Love now and always,
Sarah 💖