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There is NO Naughty List

There is NO Naughty List

There is no naughty list. While the term 'the naughty list' may often be referred to in a jokingly sense, it may not be so funny to children.

Christmas is a time for magic and for miracles and blessings and togetherness, not a time for kids to worry whether or not they are on Santa's naughty or nice list. Yes, I understand the behaviours of children fluctuate greatly at times, but I also understand the beauty, the joy, the love, and the innocence within them. Same goes for adults.

Release the desire to control your children's behaviour through means of Christmastime and Santa's naughty or nice list. Release the desire to use threats and phrases such as "Santa is watching," "the elves are watching," "do you want lumps of coal in your stocking." Let them enjoy all the magic of the Christmas season without worry and without threats. And while you're at it, enjoy all the magic of the season yourself. As you release control, you'll see your children's behaviour change for the better. As you enjoy the magic and wonder, you will see your children enjoy it much more as well. Keep the magic and beauty of Christmas alive. Lead by example and watch the beauty multiply. Play together, laugh together, have fun together, love together, and be on the nice list together; the only list there is.

Wishing you much love, magic, and miracles this Christmas season and always,
Sarah 💖

Side Note: We also enjoy the magic of playing with our Elf on the Shelf elves. And yes, this includes touching them. They are much more magical without rules!!!

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