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There Truly is No Moment but Now

Live in the Moment

There truly is no moment but now. Yes, we have memories of our past and dreams of our future, but we always live in the now. And by placing emphasis on the past and projections of the future, we are pulled out of the now. We are pulled out of the moment, the moment which shapes our future.

By living in the past; focusing on perceived mistakes and errors, and focusing on past pains; we bring these errors and pains into the moment, the moment which is meant for peace.

By living in the future, focusing and fantasizing about things we want to be or do or have, we also bring this into the moment. And often do so from a place of needing to fix or change, a place of lack, and a place of projection on what hasn't yet occurred. And these projections are pulled into the moment. Yes, they can be projections directed towards happiness, but they still pull you away from the present moment; the present moment which shapes your future. Honour the dreams in your heart and release projected details around how they will take form.

Give your presence to this moment.
Release judgments of the past.
Release projections of the future.

Set a simple intention for love, joy, peace, happiness, and freedom. You need not know the how's, or when's, or who's, or where things will occur. You need not control, or push, or force. You need only to live in the present moment with ease and grace knowing all is well and always will be. Live in the moment with love and allow the beautiful unfolding of the future to be dis-covered with Divine timing.

Keep the beauty of your past. Keep the happy memories of your past.
Surrender the future for the greatest good of all. 
Have faith.
Live in the moment.
Love in the moment.
And the moment will expand into your beautiful future that lies ahead, with each beautiful moment lived.

Much love and beautiful moments always,
Sarah 💖