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What is Done in the Past Deserves No Judgment

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What someone did a year or more ago is part of the past. What someone did yesterday is part of the past. And what is done in the past deserves no judgments; towards others or towards yourselves. No judgments, no criticism, no shame, no blame.

I was with a man not long ago. It was the most beautiful connection I ever experienced with another human being. I experienced the most beautiful connected feeling when I looked deep into his eyes. And all I needed was that moment looking deep into his eyes to know who he was, to know who he is. In this moment which I still feel when I look deep into his eyes, even when he is not in my physical presence, all I need to do is close my eyes and see his. And in this moment I know all is well; the moment where there is nothing but unconditional love. No past, no future. Only the moment in love.

The thing is, at times the past was brought in and judgments were cast. Not from me to him, but from him to himself. Judging himself for that of the past saying things such as “You don’t know me,” “I’ve done so many bad things.” And while he voiced some of which he thought was bad, they were not viewed that way by me. They were merely of the past. Just as the many so-called bad things I had done in mine. They don’t define me and they don’t define others in my eyes either. What you did or did not do 10 years ago does not define you. It does not define you either bad or good for that matter. As the most loving person yet a year ago, can be the opposite today. And the most anger fearful filled person can be the most loving today. Same is true for that of yesterday. People can choose love in an instant or they can choose fear.

Don’t get so caught up in judging your own past that you don’t see what is right in front of you. We can be so quick to judge ourselves, thinking others will do the same; when in reality, people are much more accepting than we originally thought. There is much love to be felt when judgments are released.

We are all walking this earth together.
We all want to be loved and accepted.
No one is exempt.
We all deserve love and acceptance.
And in fact, it is our inheritance. It is our birthright.

So whenever you may be tempted to judge yourself or another based on the past, choose love instead. Choose the moment that is, the moment that is now. Choose to see yourself and others only in the present moment, the only moment that matters.

Forgive yourself, forgive others.
Free the past. Free yourself. Free others.
Live in the moment.
Live freely.
Live lovingly.
Live kindly.

Love and big hugs,
Sarah 💖