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Your Future is Straight Ahead, NOT Behind You

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Your future is straight ahead, not behind you. And the only way to get there is by living in this moment, living in the here and NOW.

Your path is straight ahead. It may have some winding turns and you may not always know exactly what the future holds beyond the path you currently see and that which you now experience, just know there is always much beauty, joy, and love to be experienced. And much of this beauty is in not knowing; is in the surprise and the anticipation of what is to come; is in the unfolding of your greatest life in this moment and all moments to come. For if you knew every little detail of what is to come, would it really be as enjoyable?

There is much beauty in the present moment. There is much beauty in the unknown, knowing that what is yet to be known will be glorious and more joyful than your greatest dreams and greatest imaginings.

Release the past.
Release the future.
Knowing deep inside all is well and forever will be.

And let the adventure and gloriousness of life unfold how it shall…for the greatest good of you and the greatest good of all.

Love and big hugs,
Sarah 💖