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You won't find the latest from science, fads, or research here. Rather, what I share is from my life experience and from my heart and soul.


It is my hopes you feel loved and inspired here.
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Stop the Hustle awakening inspiration presence

Slow down.
Slow down in all you do.
Relax your shoulders.
Slow down your breath.
And just BE.
Be here in this very moment.

I love this quote from Sara Landon and The Council, “In all the doing, doing, doing, there is always more to be done.” Our to-do lists are never quite done,...

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All Lessons in Life Are Miracles awakening

All lessons in life are miracles offered to us to learn from and to grow from so we can expand into the greatest version of ourselves. It is our choice to learn and grow from these lessons or to remain in a place that is no longer aligned with us; filled with regret, anger, sadness, guilt, shame,...

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Every Moment Offers You a Choice to Be Reborn Again awakening presence

Every moment offers you a choice to be reborn again. You don’t have to wait another day, another month, or another lifetime to change your circumstances. You can choose to change them now, in this very moment. You can choose not to identify with pains of the past. You can choose not to let...

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